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206 Models Now With PWM

Ace Pump Corporation recently announced the addition of three new pumps featuring the company’s popular 206 motor and built-in pulse width modulated (PWM) control valves. The addition of these models completes the full range of Ace hydraulically driven pumps with integrated PWM control valves. The 13 standard models allow PWM pump options for any size machine.

The new models are recommended for use with any pressure compensated closed center or load sensing closed center hydraulic system. These models include severe duty silicon carbide shaft seals along with the follow specifications:

• The cast iron FMCSC-HYD-206-PWM has 1-1/4” x 1” NPT ports.

• The cast iron FMCSC-150F-HYD-206-PWM includes 1-1/2” x 1-1/4” NPT ports and industry standard 220 x 200 flanged connections. 

• The FMCSC-150FS-HYD-206-PWM is constructed of durable 316 stainless steel with NPT ports and industry standard flanged connections.

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Seal The Deal - IVT Magazine

Seal failures can lead to costly downtime and inconvenience for operators. Check out this article in IVT Magazine about a wet-seal pump line that makes these worries a thing of the past.

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GE-660 gets new Thermoplastic Impeller

​You asked for it and we listened. The popular GE-660 pump now comes standard with a thermoplastic impeller on a stainless steel hub. The cast-iron impellers are still available as an option. Check out Update 21 to learn more.

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Annovi Reverberi acquires Ace Pump

One June 15th, 2018, Annovi Reverberi Group announced the acquisition of Ace Pump Corporation.

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Ace Pump Introduces New MAX Series Pump


  Ace Pump Corporation today announced the introduction of its new FMC-755FS-HYD stainless steel pump.  Featuring the company’s exclusive Oasis™ WetSeal System, the new model provides the ultimate in protection against corrosive chemicals and fertilizers.

  “Our new FMC-755FS-HYD pump is the latest addition to our very popular MAX Series,” noted Andy Randle, President of Ace Pump Corporation.  “It allows equipment owners and operators to plan their applications without the worries of unexpected downtime during critical application windows.  This is even more important with new chemical formulations requiring strict attention to atmospheric conditions.”

  The new FMC-755FS-HYD features a flanged 316 stainless steel wet end, including the seal plate, volute and impeller, for superior corrosion resistance.  The seal plate was enlarged for a cleaner design that simplifies assembly and service.  And, like the earlier cast iron version, two motor sizes are available to fit a wide range of hydraulic systems.

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IVT International Features Ace PWM and Gemini

​Check out this spotlight story on some of the new offerings from Ace Pump. Click here to view the full issue.

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New Pumps with Integrated PWM Control Valves

FMC-150F-HYD-304-PWM - FMCSC-155FS-HYD-304-PWM - FMCSC-205F-HYD-304-PWM - FMCSC-255FS-HYD-304-PWM

Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controlled systems have been the talk of the precision agriculture community recently. This is a process that has been used for years on self-propelled sprayers and is now available to the pull-type and fertilizer applicator markets with Ace’s integrated PWM models. The popular 150 series and larger 205 series pumps with PWM are available in cast-iron and stainless steel models. The integrated PWM valve includes a pressure relief valve which prevents over-speeding of the hydraulic motor. With these new models, you can bring a new level of precision control to your application.

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The Insider Newsletter

​Have you received your copy of the Insider newsletter from Ace Pumps? Take a look and sign-up to receive the next edition automatically.

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New 855 MAX Series pump with Oasis WetSeal Technology


​Ace’s new 855 series pump truly delivers on its MAX name by delivering up to 345 GPM (1306 LPM) of total flow with pressures up to 150 PSI (10.3 BAR) with Oasis WetSeal technology protecting the seals.

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Gemini Dual Pump Kit


​Allows users to operate two Ace Pumps independently from a single hydraulic supply and controlled manually or with PWM signals. Designed for tractors with load sensing (LS) closed center or pressure compensated (PC) closed center systems, the Gemini dual pump kit will work with any combination of Ace pump with the 204 or 206 hydraulic motor. 

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High Capacity Stainless Steel Pumps

A complete stainless wet end is now available on new 200SS Series pumps with HYD or MAG-D drive. Deliver the ultimate corrosion resistance by offering 316 stainless steel impeller, volute, and seal plate.

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New Stainless Steel Impellers

For 200 Series CCW and 650 Max Series pumps new optional 316 stainless steel impellers are now available for ultimate corrosion resistance.

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